Bridge Buster 5K Run

The Bridge Buster 5k Run was the brainchild of John—a wanna-be runner and annual fall challenge sucker to his friends Chris & Nicole. He wanted to do something that he could post on social media and brag about to his friends. He felt good about it for a while until the Chris & Nicole came and bested John’s Bridge Buster 5k Run time (as if that was a difficult thing to do).

Now you too can do the Bridge Buster 5k Run. There is no official run date or start time. There’s surely no time limit! Do it using Nike+, Map My Run, or any other tracking device that allows you to post a picture to social media. Post your 5k run and hash tag #SunsetBeachNC #BridgeBuster5kRun and #SunsetBeachTC and let everyone know how cool you are!


The route is simple:


●Start at the Gazebo next to the pier

●Run along Sunset Blvd towards the bridge

●Cross over the bridge and safely navigate the roundabout so that you turn right and head back towards the Intracoastal Waterway

●Cut through the oak-lined trails of our new town park if you wish!

●Just before Twin Lakes Restaurant, turn right onto W. Canal Street (dirt road)

●Run along W. Canal Street, passing under the new bridge, and turn right into the parking lot of the Old Bridge park

●Come out of the Old Bridge parking lot and turn right onto West Shoreline Drive and head back to the corner of Summertide Adventure Tours

●Turn left and head back towards the roundabout

●Go back over the bridge and you should hit 3.1 miles right in front of the Sunset Beach Trading Company

●Cool off. Stretch (if that’s your thing).

●Share your success on Social Media!