The Story of Sunset Beach Trading Co.

Whether you call it Sunset Surf & Soda Shop(pe), Cliff & Lynn’s, Sunset Beach Trading Company, the Green Awning Store, or John & Tracy’s the place is the same–and has been since 1991. The store started as an abandonment of the corporate world and desire for less snow-shoveling. It has evolved over the past twenty-five years into the best place on the island of Sunset Beach and surrounding areas for souvenir shirts, gifts, delicious ice cream, world famous fudge, and the funkiest shaved-ice sno-balls imaginable.

Built in the underbelly of a relocated, once ocean-front beach cottage, the Sunset Beach Trading Company has grown from a small My beautiful picturebeach shop and grill to a destination that is a part of many families’ vacation experience. As one of the very few family-owned businesses of its type in the area, we genuinely appreciate your patronage as it allows us to do what we love!

If you’re back home and reminiscing about last summer, or making plans for next summer, take some time and look around our website. You’ll find some history, funny pictures, and interesting information for the area. If you’re so inclined, click on the shop link to check out the latest available Sunset Beach merchandise.